Vino G Bastian Biografi

Vino Giovani Bastian, or commonly called Vino G Bastian (born in Jakarta, March 24, 1982) was a film actor from Indonesia. Vino, is the youngest son of Bastian Tito, the author of the famous kungfu by Wiro Sableng series.

Vino G Bastian, Maybe you already know this handsome guy. Starring high school kids in the movie 30 HARI MENCARI CINTA, released in 2004 is the debut film and is the initial step Vino G Bastian began widely known as an actor.

Vino G Bastian began his first career as a model. Later, he attended a the casting movie, titled 30 days to find love, which also became a major role in his movie. Vino serves as a high school kid, he plays acting by: Nirina Zubir, Dina Olivia, Mary Agnes and Rivaldo. It turned out that the figure of Vino in the film is known by the Indonesian people, especially young women. turns out it could make it credible to play again in the movie (Catatan Akhir Sekolah), directed by Hanung Bramantyo.

Movie next Vino (Realita Cinta Dan Rock n Roll). In Vino is also a successful film star in it, and appeared in films again profusely. In the Indonesian movie awards 2008, Vino won the victory for the three categories, among others: Actor best male lead, along with fahrini best mate, in the film Radit Dan Jani, and join other couples in the same movie.

Now the vino was busy with film and television movie. Newest soap opera (Calon Bini) who is now running on your screen, also make it increasingly recognized vino. And it turns on SCTV Awards vino also received award. were all using that as motivation in working vino. Vino profile we have given hope can help you.


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