Biodata and girl band biography Indonesia “7 Icon”

World Music Indonesia, it is increasingly crowded with the singers new entrants. And this time a little differently than usual. Where usually only pop artist, a new singer or a group of new bands Indonesia which personnel are male, but the bands on this one was extraordinary because all of its personnel were the gorgeous girls. Who is he? perhaps you’ve heard, ie 7 ICONS.

7 Icons know right??

Well for those who do not know, 7 Icons girlband it’s one of Indonesia which is now more excited talking about them because of the title song “Playboy”.

At first I did not know each girl band, but a lot of my friend who says:

“There’s a new girlband Indo stereotyped SNSD, my friend said, you know what?”

From there start looking, it also found the article. And it turns out, they also play in the movie “Go Go Girls” at TRANS TV that the letter also like the letter on the album “Gee” SNSD.

I think SMASH will incontestably, by the new Girl Band in Indonesia who named 7 Icons, their appearance together because SMASH, oriented on GB Korea, ya sexy and beautiful.
There is also the name of the members 7 Icons Tee This is Angela, Grace Wohangara, Linzy, Mezty, Natly, PJ, Vanilla. hmm .. wrote their names already-stereotyped stereotyped style of the artist stage name korea, korean fever among teenagers even hamper the realm of entertainment-oriented realm Indonesia with Korean entertainment …
I myself as a Korean Lovers are also quite happy to finally have also GB Indonesia, but I honestly disagree with the way they dress, OK they modeled GB of Korea, but as the country’s largest music and still holds the oriental custom, it was not willing clay Indonesian women exposed her body to audience a lot, and besides my comment for 7 Icons, honestly I think they are necessarily of the same SNSD / Girl’s Generation and Wonder Girl, but also honest, GG and WG members were all fresh faces, faces aka teenage girl or boy Lecture, but 7 Icons I think really like the elders so yes? age rich aunts, but not as well know what it is because of their make-up effects. Continues the theme of his first songs I’m also less comfortable, playboy, so really rough, but outside of it all 7 Icons hopefully this can produce good work and if you can not completely cheat the concept of Korean GB.

Personnel Biodata 7 Icon

Biodata Natly 7 ICONS

Full Name: Dwi Natly Sirait
Nickname: Natly
Date of Birth: December 18, 1988
Place of Birth: Surabaya
Favorite Movies: Titanic, Never Been Kissed, Transformers.
Favorite Music: Celline Dion, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Pussy Cat Dolls.
Favourite Actress: Nicholas Saputra, Lee Min Ho, Leonardo DiCaprio.
Hobbies: Traveling, Reading Books, shoping.
Facebook Fan Page:

Biodata Linzy 7 ICONS

Full Name: Linzy Novia Margaretha.
Nickname: Linzy.
Date of Birth: March 11, 1991.
Place of Birth: Singkawang, West Java.
Occupation: Singer (Personnel 7 ICONS), Actor.
Favourite movie: Harry Potter.
Favorite Music: Jazz, Pop.
Hobbies: Reading Books.
Favourite word: OKKIE DOKKIE.
Linzy account
Fans Page Fb:

Biodata Vanilla 7 ICONS
Full Name: Vani Lauw
Nickname: Vanilla
TTL: Jakarta, 7 September 1988
Religion: Christian
Favourite song: More Than world by wistlife
Hobbies: Singing, Dance, violin
Favourite artist: Agnes Monica
Favorite color: PINK
Favorite Food: Japanesse Food
Most Memorable Experience: The Fans Have Love & Honey with me n ‘7 Icons

Biodata Angela Tee 7 ICONS
Full Name: Angela Tee
Alias ​​name: Atee
Date of Birth: September 28
Twitter: @ Atee7ICONS
(Post readers, via the comments below)

* If you know more complete biographical data angela tee 7 icons, please share via the comments field below. Because there are many temen2 we want to know exactly who complete biodata 7 icons Indonesian personnel.

Biodata Grace Wohangara 7 ICONS
Up until now I have not found a complete biodata Grace Wohangara 7 ICONS.In the interim, please continue to follow the latest news 7 icons. Who knows, you’ll find a complete biodata Grace Wohangara 7 ICONS personnel.

And do not forget, if you already know his bio, please do not hesitate to share in here.

Biodata Mezty 7 ICONS
Date of Birth: 22 April
Twitter: @ Mezty7ICONS
(Post readers, via the comments below)

* If you know more complete biographical data mezty 7 icons, please share via the comments field below. Because there are many temen2 we want to know exactly who complete biodata personnel 7 icons Indonesia

Biodata PJ 7 ICONS
Full Name: Princess Jesica Andhesta
Nickname: PJ
Place of Birth: Surabaya
Date of Birth: 1 November 1989
Religion: Islam
Genre: Pop
Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Model, Actress
Company: ketch Music

That’s biographical profile personile girlband 7 icons Indonesia. Although biodata is not exhaustive, at least we can recognize one of biodata personile 7 icons.

Thank you for reading my article, if there are mistakes on my writing, which amounted magnitude apologize, and please critique and suggestions.


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