SUDIRMAN  SUITES APARTMENT. you want to invest or want to have an occupancy Apartment become your dream. Sudirman  Apartment Suites will answer your dreams. Sudirman  Apartment Suites is present in the way of General Sudirman For Occupancy dream that provide comfort, and modern concept, which is supported a variety of attractive amenities. Stay  Comfortable motto, in central Bandung  Indonesia. and close to everywhere, is the place to describe SUDIRMAN APARTMENT SUITES. APARTMENT SUITES SUDIRMAN can be owned by Pay tailored to your condition. 24x, 36X and KPA. With various advantages and an affordable price, SUDIRMAN APARTMENT SUITES could be a place to stay once you are a profitable investment. As for the sale SUDIRMAN APARTMENT SUITES is below:


Area: 21 Price: Rp. 177,500,000

Incremental Cash: 24x (month) Rp. 8,135,417

36X (month) Rp. 5,911,736


Area: 38

Price: Rp. 295,000,000

Incremental Cash: 24x (month) Rp. 13,520,833

36X (month) Rp. 9,825,139


Area: 58

Price: Rp. 445,000,000

Incremental Cash: 24x (month) Rp. 20,395,833

36X (month) Rp. 14,820,972

For Further Information Contact to No

Hp: 022 93222134

Hp: 081910355531


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